Bright Light
Purpose Driver

I’m passionate about helping people Discover their gifts,
Accept their gifts, and Use their gifts.

My Story

I am a Bright Light, Dreamterpreter, and Purpose Driver committed to illuminating people’s paths on their life’s journey. I do this through various mediums created to help people Discover, Accept, and Use their gifts. I truly believe that people are the bedrock of society, and by helping them find clarity, inspiring, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves, we will see a ripple effect of love, peace, and growth across the world.

Being a Bright Light means that I must be plugged into a higher energy source, and that I must not dim my light simply to fit into society’s box. Hence, I continuously express my gifts across various platforms, not focused solely on being seen, but knowing that when people see me, they see my source – Light cannot hide.

I am the author of “This Thing Called Purpose”, a book that helps people understand the true essence of living with and through purpose. As a brand developer, I have worked on projects with several multinational companies, SME’s, and individuals over the past few years. Prior to brand development, I worked as content director on the United Nations World Tourism Organization Conference, Nigeria Centenary Awards, and International Conference On Peace & Security. I was also the project manager for
Freemantle Licensed TV Shows, Nigerian Idol and Nigeria’s Got Talent, where I managed the business, brand, and production of the shows. I have worked in the sports industry as Corporate Communications Manager for OSMI during the 2010 World Cup managing all communications on the broadcast rights for Nigeria. Prior to moving to Nigeria, I was a Credit Analyst at Citigroup, where I received awards for organizational
efficiency and team spirit.

In 2017, I was mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “11 Africans that are changing the business landscape in Africa.” I was also Nominated in the “Entrepreneur Of The Year” and “Prize For Media Enterprise” Categories of the Future Awards Africa. I have been featured among Nigeria’s Under 40 CEO’s, and Top 30 Under 30, and most recently my Alumni university’s magazine “The Northern”.


One of my gifts is to help other people develop their gifts and take decisive action to create impactful work in the world. I started my business to solve a problem that I identified in the creative sector. When I first moved back to Nigeria, I found that a lot of creative people did not have the skill sets to monetize their creativity. Hence, I started off helping people structure their ideas, and create sustainable products/projects that would allow them monetize and build something that made them truly proud. In the process of doing this, I started to help brands find innovative ways to engage with their consumers, and tell their brand stories.

Over the years, I have worked with several personal and corporate brands on brand strategy, brand communications, storytelling, campaigns, digital marketing, and experiential marketing. Some of the clients I’ve worked with include: Google, TWE Global, Diageo, Union Bank, FCMB, Pernod Ricard, Airtel, Godwin Strings, Denola Grey, Tobi Bakre, Osa Seven, amongst others.


Aside from my academic and professional work, I have a super-passion for community development. In 2015, I founded Socially Africa a movement that teaches people to Be Good, Do Good, and Inspire Good. As a foundation, we have several initiatives that pay forward to the community. My co-founders and I had a discussion around the importance of giving back to the community, and the concern that many young people are waiting till they have millions and consider themselves financially successful, before they start to engage in community development. We decided not to sit and complain, but to take actionable steps to rallying people together to solve some of the problems we had identified in our communities. We started Socially Africa to serve as inspiration to the next generation watching what we do, and how we impact our world, beyond chasing the next job, or working to feed our families. We invested funds from our businesses into community development projects. Over the past few years, we have executed our forerunning initiative, Arts For A Cause in 16 schools across Nigeria, impacting over 15,000 kids. We have also hosted multiple food drivers, run code classes, and given out thousands of Love boxes.

My Book

This Thing Called Purpose is a book that helps people understand the true essence of living with and through purpose. Everything I address in this book are things that I wish were addressed by the books I have read in my lifetime. Most books motivate you to fly and be successful, but they don’t tell you that in order to do all of that greatness, you have to first strip the layers you’re carrying.

This book is designed to help you unlearn some of the things you have allowed into your heart and mind, strip yourself fully of the junk, and then move confidently in your purpose. I share more about this thing called purpose – what I know about it, how I have learned to trust it, and how it guides everything I do. In some chapters, I make reference to biblical stories, and spirituality. There was an initial concern that non-christians may be unable to relate to some of these references, however, it is my hope that regardless of your religious beliefs, the acknowledgement that there is a higher spirit will suffice in understanding the scriptural references provided.

I believe it’s impossible to talk about purpose, without addressing faith. In my experience, faith has been the runway on which the plane of purpose takes off and lands. When you’re piloting a dream, it is faith that screams “land here, I’ve got you. Just land!”. It is faith that screams “your engine has been checked, and you’re good for take off. I’ve got you. Take off now!”. Faith is everything when it comes to the fulfillment
of purpose.
Purpose is not a joy ride, it comes with great responsibility and there are moments that won’t be the best for you. But because of you, it will be the best for someone else.

Purpose is not just about your “Why” – Why am I doing this ?”, it is also about your “Who”- Who will benefit from this ? Purpose will push you to exist in situations and places that you ordinarily wouldn’t. I hope you enjoy reading this book, and that it guides your way to light up the world! My book is available via @rovingheights and @amazon .

My Mentorship

I understand that everyone has the inherent capacity to fulfill a function that meets the need of something else that exists. They have a purpose that is executed in multiple assignments, and through our businesses and personal counselling sessions, I have been able to help unlock gifts, platforms and solutions. In 2018, my partner and I decided to be more deliberate with offering this sort of guidance but it became increasing difficult to meet the needs or answer the questions of our growing communities online. It also became apparent that as much as we love to share with the public, only a few people burn with the desire to take these lessons to the next level. The Dreamterpreters Mentorship group  was created for these sort of people. Those who are looking for a stronger sense of identity, purpose, and want true lasting results. We created a structured series of sessions that ensure that everyone who joins has their Genius unlocked , experiences a positive change in behavior and beliefs, gets Improved self confidence and self acceptance , enjoys greater well-being, has increased hope and executes flawlessly because of smarter goal setting and a better follow-through on plans. DMG is a network of people who are purpose driven and know that they have been entrusted with the ideas and execution to shape the future  of millions of people.


One of my philosophies is the importance of living a purpose driven life, and using as many of my gifts as possible. I believe that I have the capacity to stretch and do anything that I envision, as long as it is in alignment with my life’s purpose and personal values. As a result, I’m also an Artist, Photographer, Speaker, Musician, and Actor.

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